Fundraising Fashion Show

Raising money for your organisation has never been so easy. It starts by booking an SOS Fundraising Fashion Show.

SOS provide everything you need for a fun and memorable event, we've helped organisations raise thousands of pounds for worthy causes. Organisers raise funds from the sale of tickets to the fashion show, as well as raffle tickets and refreshments sales.

Selling Tickets is Easy
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Selling tickets is easier than you might think. With any organisation, there is usually a core of keen and willing workers. By distributing the tickets between such groups, large numbers of people can be attracted from each individual selling just a few tickets. For example, 25 members selling four tickets each will result in 100 people attending. As more people buy tickets, the total funds raised can increase significantly:

  • 100 people at £5 a ticket = £500
  • 170 people at £6 a ticket = £1,020
  • 200 people at £7 a ticket = £1,400
Free Gift Vouchers for your Raffle

Holding a raffle is a great method of additional fundraising at your fashion show. To help you sell tickets, we'll provide you with a gift voucher to use as a prize for the winner to spend at the show. All money raised from raffle tickets is yours.

We'll give you:

  • £25 if at least 25 people attend
  • £50 if 75 people or more attend
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A selection of gift vouchers for your raffle
Easy Planning with our Welcome Pack
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Once your show is booked we'll send you an 'Easy Planning Guide' with further tips on how to sell tickets. We'll also provide attractive poster, flyer and ticket templates to help advertise your show.

Our fundraising fashion shows have helped:

a grid presenting well known organisations we have worked for in the past
We also regularly raise funds for Golf Clubs, Schools, Churches & many more.
Spaces for our shows fill up fast.
Book early to avoid disapointment.