Organiser Feedback Form

Organiser Feedback Form

*What was the venue and date of the Fashion Show event?

When you first made contact with us, how helpful and attentive were the SOS team in responding to your enquiries?

We recently sent to you our newly updated Welcome Pack. This contained our Organiser's Guide, as well as an Event Planner. What did you think of these?

If you booked your fashion show from September 2016 onwards, you would have received our updated poster templates, what did you think of these?

Before and during the fashion show, our team should help your models choose outfits to wear, were they polite and helpful when doing this?

We want our fashion shows to be a fun evening for all. How fun do you feel the event was?

Are there any aspects of the fashion show, positive or negative, which stood out for you the most?

What did you think about the variety of both brands and styles of clothing on offer?

What did you think of our prices?

Are there any types, brands or sizes of clothing you would have liked to have seen?

At the end of fashion show, our team should be there to assist your audience when they are looking at clothes or purchasing them. Were they polite and helpful when doing this?

How effective was our service in raising much needed funds for your organisation?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend our service to a friend or colleague? (1 highly unlikely, 10 highly likely)

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service?